Colleen McCubbin Stepanic

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Phone: 484-472-7763

Crane Arts 1400 N. American Street, Studio 305 Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Painting/Sculpture & 3D

Artist's Biography

Colleen McCubbin Stepanic was born in Newport News, Virginia and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Cleveland, and Washington DC. She earned a BFA from the University of Dayton and an MFA from the Tyler School of Art. McCubbin Stepanic has been the recipient of many grants and awards including a Joan Mitchell MFA Grant in 2003 and a Fleisher Challenge Award in 2010. McCubbin Stepanic’s work has been featured in exhibitions in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. She has been included in exhibitions at The LaGrange Art Museum in LaGrange, Georgia, The Susquehanna Museum of Art in Harrisburg, PA, The Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, and the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio. She has had 10 solo exhibitions of her work since 2003 and has participated in art projects in Budapest, Hungary and Batoufam, Cameroon.

Artist's Statement

As I walk I observe and document the territory through which I travel. Sometimes I walk very slowly, scouring the landscape for evidence of birds or animals, and sometimes more quickly, impatient to complete my walk. But whatever my mood or purpose I always have my camera. In the studio I search through these images pausing from time to time as I choose images to further explore via the painting process. The paintings become a record of pace and focus, of what my mother, in her attempts to get us to complete our tasks thoroughly called (with emphasis) “Attention To Detail.” They are also a record of flagging attention, of inattention and sometimes what one (mom again) might call “half-assed” effort. All together they are a record of a mind’s ability to absorb and consider information; and also of the limitations of that ability.