Jeannie Moberly

Artist's Statement

I am an artist studying the underlying structure, geometry and patterns, as projected onto the window of our understanding of the world. I find photo realism to be, like Renaissance perspective, only a language, not more real than other perceptions and projections. Too restrictive! We see differently. I introduce microscopic, structural, close and distant, elements as well as imaginary ones. I like to leave things open enough that the viewer can make their own interpretations, changing and flexible. I'm attempting to break free of rectilinear canvas constrictions, disengage from singular viewpoints, and blur the distinctions of representation and abstraction.

Professional Experience

Seamstress for clothing design, costumes, sails; handsewing Baroque reproduction curtains for the NY Met and embroidery

Art in Public places mural for the City of Davis

Painting under Milton Resnick,
Apprenticeships with Minoru Niizuma and Robert Arneson

Model and furniture maker, drafting for water systems
worked with children as teacher and camp counselor, skilled drafting, design, computers, communications, people and machinery, physical labor, research and investigation and art in a variety of media, geometry, folk dancing, and bicycling.


Barnard College, New York, NY
BA, Program in the Arts
Cum Laude