Conor Mullen

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Philadelphia, PA

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Artist's Statement

In this recent series of work, I have tried to develop an interaction between themes of the group, identity, and the organization of gender. This work has developed from drawing to printmaking to painting and back to printing, working in an effort to deconstruct the binary system of gender, using the binary system that is drawing. This combination has developed into a practice where, in both gender and the medium of drawing, I am looking to bend their use to establish a new order. This order is constructed with subtle moments where the group identity thrives within its complexity under the simplified embrace of elements of contrast.

Simultaneously, the focus of this work has been creating an interruption of solitary identity by evoking moments of group consciousness/identity. A group identity can be shared between as few as two and strives to translate to us an emotional and moral tension. There suddenly, in looking at the organization of the group experience, each singular characterization begins to shoulder the weight of societal identity.

Through the exploration of this societal identity, the focus of my work can revert to the singular role of image or image creator as a performer. In the relationship between Image and image creator, the interior stage of the image is in conversation with the performing role of artist. Through this series, I have attempted to develop some fixed point of reference that might provide me with a foundation from which to conceptually explore my medium and subject.