Warren Muller

Warren Muller

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    1522 N American Street Philadelphia, PA 19122

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    Artist's Biography

    What elevates his work from mere craftsmanship is his visionary outlook. Rearranging objects and incorporating an iconography of myths, fairy tales, and personal idiosyncrasies, Warren Muller exudes an envious agility. Motion, change and improvisation are implied like a glimpse of chaos captured and frozen for a split-second. There is a sense of joy and play in his art that is infectious. It triggers a ripple effect and consequently his fame has spread largely through word-of-mouth rather than the conventional media outlets. Early on, Muller was regarded as an eccentric by the prevailing conservative art establishment and wasn’t taken seriously. In response, he created his own cosmos and surrounded himself with more sympathetic outsiders, misfits, and other kindred spirits. Shunned by many galleries, who have only recently embraced visionary art, he took his art directly to the public (a move quickly followed by a number of his contemporaries).

    Today, a gallery and working studio for his Light Sculptures (chandeliers) has been reincarnated in a fresh new form called “bahdeebahdu.” Along with his partner, Interior Designer RJ Thornburg, bahdeebahdu is “an exploration into the sublime where objects from former mundane lives and functions exist in a complex and theatrical context.”

    Bask in the dance of light and the rich texture of the objects. Smile, enjoy and treasure. Life is a celebration.