G Pack


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Artist's Statement

Throughout life I’ve noticed myself to be two things: Quiet and Sensitive. Painting has served as my response to both of those qualities. The ability to paint has given me a voice to express feeling without the use of any words. As my range and confidence in painting has grown larger over time, so has the volume and depth of that voice.

Many of the pieces in this collection are results from uncomfortable experiences. Jealousy, Insecurity, Loneliness, Spite, Pride, and the hunger for Glory have all been common causes of motivation and inspiration.

When I’m content with life I feel no need to create because all is well and nothing needs to be said. It is only when life is broken, chaotic, or miserable that I feel like it’s time for me to finally speak out. Instead of physically telling you how I feel, I find it much easier to show you. For me, art is simply a way of turning a painful memory into something that I can be proud of.


BS, Fine Art
University of Maryland, College Park, MD