Mark Price

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Artist's Biography

Mark Price is a graphic artist who uses the serigraphy printing process to produce 2-D and 3-D visual works.

Working with gallery director Christina Ray he has mounted three New York solo exhibitions including ‘The New Real Fantasy Now’ 2009, ’Designer Endgame Strategies’ 2010, and ‘Hyper 20XX’ 2012.

Additionally his work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. In 2009 his work was selected by curator Aaron Betsky for inclusion in the internationally recognized Confines exhibition at the Institut Valencia d’Art Modern.

As a long time member of the Philadelphia artist co-op Space 1026 (2003 - 2013) Price has collaborated with many of the members to produce artist ‘zines for his publishing project Zine of the Month

Artist's Statement

The serigraphy collage work is a practice I have been engaged with for the past ten years. Utilizing a self produced archive of serigraph printed imagery including optical patterns, found graphics, typography, and gradient color fields I collage these materials into rich and frenetic two dimensional compositions.

The composition of the work contains attributes that I refer to as selection grids, fragmented fields, and gradient thresholds:

The selection grid is a checkered striping of multiple solid colors. The grid elicits an attention or demarcation of an event. The selection grid is not scale specific and non-representational.

The fragmented field is a portion of the composition that is over-edited and abundant with visual events. These events are cultivated and assembled from the ten year archive of serigraph printed material. The field is flexible and continually adaptable to expand or contract into the overall composition.

The threshold is an intermediary to the other occurrences that populate the composition. This intermediary—perhaps in between high-speeds, master plan views, or multiplied
viewports offers respite from a highly compacted composition.

Conceptually, the works and practice is a visual exploration of where our psychological and information architecture become one. The resulting collaged works operate as high-resolution palimpsests that attempt to map out a mediation of internalized and externalized flows through networks be them digital or physical. The compositions address the possibility of a static image of today that encompasses our multimodal experience with an exponential occurrence of novelty in both our built environment and global communication matrix.

Selected Exhibitions

Real-time Or Instead, Black Moth Gallery, Ardmore, PA

Revetment, Gallery 49, Portland, ME

Interlocking Fields/Unique Landmarks, Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA

Human Animal Capitalism, Studio Christenson, Philadelphia, PA

Hyper 20XX, Kesting/Ray, New York, NY

Infinite Bliss, Bean Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Global Mirage, B2 Cafe, Philadelphia, PA

Designer End Game Strategies, Glowlab Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Life Size, Glowlab, New York, NY

Soft Comfort Forever Please, Padlock Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Cram This Into Your Life, Rarebreed, Philadelphia, PA

Smallworks, Frame Works Studio and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

PMI Presents: Pop Up Salon, South Portland, ME

SPACE Studios Summer Show, Space Gallery, Portland, ME

Gallery 543, Urban Outfitters, Philadelphia, PA

Free For All 5, Space Gallery, Portland, ME

Speed, Still, Sway, Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA

Proclamation! Pop, James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Smallworks, Frame Works Studio and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Current/Approaching, InLiquid @ Bahdeebahdu, Philadelphia, PA

II Ways: New Works on Paper, Frame Works Studio and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Print-A-Delphia, Bushwick Print Labs, Brooklyn, NY

Zine of the Month Retrospective, Booklyn Artist Alliance, Brooklyn, NY

Cosmobilities, Rowan University Art Gallery, Glassboro, NJ

Where Now Comes From, Frame Works Studio and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Inside the Moment International Film Festival, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

70 Rupees to Paradise Road, Gazela, Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Diamond Leaves: Artist Books from around the World, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China

Rum Riot Press, Space Gallery, Portland, ME

Space 1026 Annual Art Auction, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Synesthesia, Ice Box, Philadelphia, PA

Fountain New York, Pier 66 Maritime, New York, NY

Ten Person Solo Show, 1601, Philadelphia, PA

Collection, Christina Ray, New York, NY

Made In America, Trust Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for Sharing, D21 Kunstraum Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Democratic Multiples, Gallery 224, Philadelphia, PA

Extreme Frontiers, Urban Frontiers, IVAM, Valencia, Spain

Zine Soup, TTC Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Synesthesia, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA

Glowlounge, Glowlab, New York, NY

Padlock Turns 5, Padlock Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Space Balls, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA

Sweet Bike, Ego Park Gallery, Oakland, CA

Repressed III: Works on Paper, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA

No Bad Blood, 96 Gillespie, London, England

Repressed II: Works on Paper, Gallery 5, Richmond, VA

Locally Localized Gravity, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA

Babylon Lexicon Book Arts Exhibition, Neither Barrister Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Art in the Style of Radical, Magic Pony, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Peer Pleasure 1: A group show featuring Space 1026, The Royal Art Lodge, and Instant Coffee, The Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco, CA

Pick of the Harvest, Think Space! Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Punch in the Face, Foundation Gallery, Chicago, IL

Beaver Collage: The art of the Royal Art Lodge, Paper Rodeo, and Space 1026, The Mock Bee, Cincinnati, OH

Artist's Bibliography

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Awards and Honors

Xeric Grant Recipient, Xeric Foundation, Northampton, MA


New York Museum of Modern Art Library, New York, NY

Brooklyn Art Museum Library, Brooklyn, NY

Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY

Print and Picture Collection, Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Talks and Lectures

Print 2: Screen Printing Course, Arcadia University, Glenside, PA

Riso Printer Week Long Intensive, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

Moore Undergraduate Print Studio, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

Booklyn Artist Alliance, Brooklyn, NY

Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

Hussian School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Christina Ray, New York, NY

Glowlab, New York, NY

PMG, Philadelphia, PA

Glowlab Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Moore Undergraduate Print Studio, Moore College Of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Hussian School Of Art, Philadelphia, PA


2013 - 2015, 2019
InLiquid Art + Design, Member Artist

2015 - 2016
Pickwick Independent Press - Member

2003 - 2013
Space 1026 - Artist Member


2013 - Present
Twxx.Us or Twenty XX “That’s Us” - Creative Director

2009 - 2013
Zine of the Month - Director


Hussian School of Art, Philadelphia, PA
Associate's Degree in Specialized Technology in Visual Communications (AST)