Orlando Saverino-Loeb

Digital Art/Mixed Media/Painting

Artist's Statement

Orlando Saverino-Loeb is a Philadelphia born artist who works primarily in paint. His work is a constantly evolving process of exploration that spawned from the desire to find a visual primary source. This exploration led to working in blind contour to find marks that were without the edits one makes with their eyes while drawing. Taking these marks and reconfiguring them into compositions that create space led to the current explorations in paint. His paintings should be viewed over an extended period of time in which one can see new things in the painting that are specifically one's own. As the viewer sees the painting again they will be able to see a new painting that is different due to the experiences and thoughts that the viewer has had since the last time seeing the piece. Viewing the paintings one experiences pareidolia, a sensation where the brain finds images in a pattern when they are not there. The viewer obtains an individualized pareidolia. This was the title of his senior thesis exhibition at Tyler School of Art in 2016.

His process is dependent on the speed and freedom involved in the making of the pieces. The colors and sense of light that he uses in the paintings are highly influenced by his extended stays throughout Italy. Using primarily acrylic paint and an airbrush he slowly builds out an environment for the mind that one might be able to enjoy and explore for many hours on end.

He has shown his work multiple times at the Infusion Lounge in Philadelphia, along with select appearances with the Philadelphia Art collective, and the Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery. He has also done murals around Temple University’s Campus.

Selected Exhibitions

Infusion Hookah Lounge. Philadelphia, PA

Infusion Hookah Lounge. Philadelphia, PA

Infusion Hookah Lounge. Philadelphia, PA

14th installment, Philadelphia Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA

Individualized Paredolia: BFA Thesis Exhibition, Stella Elkins Gallery, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

6th installment, Philadelphia Art Collective, Philadelphia, PA


Portrait of the President Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity

Album Cover design. “Seasons”

Mural, Maxis Pizza Subs and Bar, Philadelphia, PA


Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
BFA, Major Painting and drawing, Minor Italian

Summer 2013, Summer 2016.
Universita` di Salento, Lecce, Italy
Intensive Italian

DAAP, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Industrial Design