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Phone: (410) 458-5663


6706 Selkirk Rd. Baltimore, MD 21239 Studio: 19 South Stricker St. Baltimore, MD 21223

Life in Layers ’18

Interwoven Series‘17

Human-Nature Intertwined Series‘18

Human-Nature Series ‘94

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Artist's Biography

Stephen Spartana is an American photographic artist, who has enjoyed a 35 year career as a commercial photographer. His artwork researches different perspectives of the natural world, venturing at times to create images that are more fantasy then reality.

Born in 1954, art became important to Stephen at an early age with his interest in photography. He graduated in 1983 from the BFA Program in Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art which introduced him to the work and philosophies of influential artists: Irving Penn’s quality of light; Cartier-Bresson’s composition, use of space, and "the decisive moment”; Pete Turner, who felt that the transparency was not the end product, but just the beginning; and lastly Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings of flowers and nature were a revelation, inspiring him to look closer at the hidden beauty of the natural world.

With Turner’s philosophy in mind, the chromes from Stephen’s early fine art show
in the 1990’s, became the starting point for his current studies. The interplay
of black & white figures overlaid with details of flowers created a blend of form and color. His intention both then and now, is to create a provocative image, a complex and dynamic blend that entices the viewer to look deeper. His current studies expand the use of natural elements to include landscapes during times of growth and decay. Prior use of mirrors has been replaced by the reflective surface of water, and patterns of leaves or sedimentary rocks naturally suggest intricate tattoos. His most recent series has used fall colors and rushing water as central themes. Stephen’s research utilizes a number of images which function in the same way that painters use brushes and paint palettes; his tools are a combination of various analog films mixed with digital media.

Stephen’s artwork is an extension of views of nature, humanity and our relationship to Earth. He believes strongly in a positive approach to life and our world, with the understanding that we, as stewards, have the responsibility of providing a better place for the next generation to thrive. He chooses to focus on the hidden beauty that surrounds us, encouraging the viewer to preserve our beautiful and fragile planet and “discover what time hides forever in plain sight”. *

*Richard Powers, The Overstory

Selected Exhibitions

Upcoming, February-March
Balance the Salon, Baltimore, MD

Upcoming, March-April
Raw Ink Gallery, Gaithersburg, MD

Founders Show, InSquare Art, Baltimore, MD

Upcoming, May-October
Time, Space Exhibition, Venice, Italy

Contrive, National Juried Show, d'Art Center, Norfolk, VA
September 19 - October 8

Water's Edge, InSquare Gallery, Baltimore, MD
August 11 - September 8

The Big Show, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
June 22

InSquare Art Premier Show, InSquare Gallery, Baltimore, MD
May 5 - June 5

Marquee Ball, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
April 27

Intertwined, The American Center for Physics at College Park
April 13 - October 25

New Now II, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
January 2 - 19

HumanNature Life in Layers, Amalie Rothschild Gallery, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
January 4 - 17

Asia in Maryland: Expressing Cross-Culture Experience, Asian Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts, Towson, MD
Juried Exhibition
September 7 - December 8

The Big Show, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
June 16 - August 4

Creative Alliance Silent Auction, Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
"Rooted" Sold
April 17 - 28

"Inter-Twined" Series, Himmelfarb Gallery, Laurel, MD
July 1 - September 30

"Interwoven" SeriesLaughing Pint, Baltimore, MD

Travel Imagery, Fair Haven, Sykesville, MD

Human-Nature, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Aerial Imagery, Nye-Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Professional Experience

1983 - present
Owner, Photographer/Videographer, Spartana Art

  • Professional commercial photographer/videographer for the past 34 years. Location and studio assignments for advertising, marketing & PR, and editorial imagery for various clients including: healthcare, educational institutions, non-profits, corporations, retailers, and public agencies.

Awards and Honors

Tokyo International Foto Awards
1st Place, Fine Art, for "Life in Layers"

Tokyo International Foto Awards
Gold Medal Award, Abstract Fine Art for "Life in Layers"

Budapest International Awards
Honorable Mention for "Intertwined" Series

Contrive, National Juried Show, d'Art Center, Norfolk, VA
2nd Place

Prix de la Photographie de PAris
Honorable Mention, Abstract Art

Moscow International Foto Awards
Honorable Mention, Abstract Art, for "Intertwined" Series

Siena International Photo Awards

Umbra International Photography Awards

12th Annual Color Awards
Nomination, Nude category, for "Water Balance"

Moscow International Foto Awards
Bronze Award, Abstract Fine Art, for series "Interwoven"

Tokyo International Foto Awards Digital series
Honorable Mention, for series "Interwoven"

6th China International, Digital Photography Art Exhibition
Honorable Mention, for series "Interwoven"

Multiple CASE awards for publications and web site photography


Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
BFA, Photography

Visual Arts Institute
Certificate: Photography, Layout, Offset Printing