Ursula Hertz Sternberg

Ursula Hertz Sternberg

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    1925 – 2000

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    1925 - September 22, 2000

    Artist and InLiquid member Ursula Hertz Sternberg passed away September 22, 2000. The following is an obituary reprinted from the Chestnut Hill Local, September 28, 2000:

    Ursula Hertz Sternberg, Chestnut Hill artist extraordinaire, died Friday , September 22, from multiple myeloma. She is survived by her husband of 43 years, renowned conductor Jonathan Sternberg, daughter, Tanya-Pushkine Rojas of New York city, son, Peter Raphael Sternberg of Paris, France, and two grandchildren, Luca and Lara-Sophia Rojas of New York City.

    Born in Germany, Sternberg first emigrated to Holland because of the Holocaust, and lived in Belgium and London before moving to the USA with her husband and children. She became an American citizen this year.

    Carol Schwartz said Sternberg "painted everything...and her work was primitive and surrealistic at the same time, displaying charm, joy and whimsy." Sternberg recently added "artist books" to her showings - 10 to 50 pages of sketches and watercolors that tell a story or illustrate a travelogue with her insights and sense of humor. These much acclaimed books have been shown in Europe and in the US.

    Sternberg's unique works are in collections worldwide, including those of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, former Prime Minister of England The Rt. Hon.Edward Heath , Allen Stone Gallery in New York City, Carole Schwartz Gallery, Chestnut Hill, and many others.
    -- Mary Gregory