Veruschka Stevens: Veru Designs

Jewelry & Ceramics

Behind the Scenes

Artist's Biography

Veruschka, who also goes by "Vee" and "Veru," is a Center-City Philadelphia-based jewelry designer and artist who is originally from Bolivia, South America. With a Masters degree in the field of computer systems engineering from Aachan University in Germany, Veruschka had a successful 10+ year career as a SAP Systems Engineer and Project Manager in the United States, Europe and South America. But today, Veruschka has fully embraced her artistic-side, and is now passionately charting a new path as President and Founder of her own business, Veru Designs, LLC. Despite coming from a strict engineering background, the arts were a consistent “best friend” throughout her life, and 2009 was the year that she made it official: The unexpected discovery of “polymer clay” was the most powerful “hint” received from the Universe that let her know “it was time” to be who she-really-is and allow her artistic expression actualize that, by making it more than a hobby. An unstoppable, almost obsessive desire ensued; where she began working with this material every day after work, becoming familiar with it, understanding it, creating with it, and ultimately finding her very unique voice with it. It didn’t take long before her amateur polymer clay jewelry began to be noticed by some of the most respected artist in this realm. She was later featured several times in the Polymer Clay Daily, and was featured in several magazines, most recently in Vida De Latinos (based in Singapore), as well as several publications in Europe. What was the ultimate catalyst that made her give up a successful engineering career was a forever life-changing event in her family’s life: the passing of her youngest and closest brother to terminal cancer. Seeing her parent’s “will to live” fade was not an option, and unless she provided an example of the “possibility” of a happy life after death, there was no coming out of the darkness of grief for anybody. The priority of “making happiness happen” took on many shapes, but the most important one became VeruDesigns, LLC.

Artist's Statement

How many times have you recognized the EXCITEMENT, wonder or simply this awesome "warm" sensation in your heart that you feel when you see something that you deem beautiful. Beauty is not only very subjective, but unique to each of us. No matter what makes your heart sing, you know the feeling I'm talking about.

I feel it A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E! Sometimes it's triggered by a sunset, the city's skyline, sometimes it's a beautiful outfit in a store or boutique, sometimes it's SHOES! or a purse, sometimes it's the colors & architecture of a building, often times it's the interior design of a commercial place or a beautiful home. Many times it's flowers, beautiful and colorful flowers; or ART… a painting…and even the beautiful presentation of a delicious meal at a restaurant. These are some of the things that beautify my world, and get my belly to feel warm, often.

What if I could tell you that even though you can't own everything you like (nor could or should you!), you can turn some of the things that you love the most into something not only wearable, but absolutely stunning, unique and very much custom made for you?

Well, that is VeruDesigns in a nutshell. I make beautiful custom one-of-a-kind jewelry inspired by what beautifies YOUR world.