Madeleine Walton


2424 E York St Ste 304, Philadelphia, PA 19125

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Artist's Statement

The visual arts have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. My own explorations began with questionable drawings of oceans and trees; in addition to finger paintings of X's and O's in an assortment of colors with my dad. My passion for porcelain developed when I found myself constantly creating new ideas and implementing them into my pieces; a passion I never quite developed in my drawing years.
While studying at the Episcopal School of Dallas, my skills and technique developed. My journey continued at Syracuse University in upstate New York, where techniques and materials varied greatly. I graduated from Syracuse University with an enhanced eye for the visual arts as I was inspired by works at the Everson Museum and displays at Alfred University. Today, I'm most inspired by elements of nature and try to incorporate the beauty and symmetry of the outside world into my body of work. I owe many thanks to my numerous influential teachers along the way.

My passion for the three-dimensional art is limitless and my enthusiasm for porcelain comes more naturally than with any other art. What was once a blank wall develops into a wall filled with color, texture, depth, and dimension.

Professional Experience

Hiroe Hanazono Handbuilding, Molds, Slipcasting, Philadelphia, PA

Nicolas Touron 3D Printing With Hand building, New York, NY

Matt Katz Understanding Glazes

Matt Katz Ceramic Materials Workshop

2016 -2019
Studio Residency, Dallas, TX

2016 – 2018
Zhen Music & Arts Institute, Dallas, TX

Tortus Studio, Copenhagen, Amsterdam


Washington D.C.
Dallas, TX
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL


InLiquid, Philadelphia, PA
Purely Porcelain, Philadelphia, PA
Claire Crowe Collection, Dallas, TX
Kevin Barry Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA/Las Vegas, NV/San Francisco, CA


2012 - 2016
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
BA in Psychology