If you happen to receive an email from a Mike Walter, using the email address sgtmikewalter@gmail.com, be warned, it is a scam.

The body of the email may look something like this:

Subj: Artwork Enquiry


I hope this message finds you in a good condition , I am really
impressed with your good and beautiful works I was going through the
internet to get a beautiful artwork. i came across your works and my
eyes caught ”  Chosen Paths & Space Walking  “. still available for

I will like to have more details about the artworks as well the total
price for the piece (shipping excluded) so that i can proceed with

Your quick reply will be highly appreciated, i will be waiting to read
from you .

Kind Regards.


Two of the biggest red flags in this email? The abundance of typos and the fact that it comes from a free email client.

Thanks to Marc Salz and Favi Dubo for the tip-off.

Do you know of a scam you’d like to report? Send it to erica@inliquid.org and we’ll be happy to post it to the blog under the new Art Scams section, which you can find by clicking on “Categories” at the left-hand side of the screen.

Find more helpful tips for avoiding scams:

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 The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3):

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