Trust us, we don’t want to get your hopes down. It is InLiquid’s highest priority to find and create opportunities for our artists and other artists alike. It is also our responsibility to let artists know which opportunities are worth the trouble and when to just walk away. As imperfect as the world is, we are faced with the occasional grifter; better online practices will tell you when business is real and when you’re being fooled.

Take, for example, the moniker “Mary Kelvin.” If you have received a message from someone with that name or that name in their email address, inquiring one of your works or services (in the case of this artist, a mural for their baby’s room), ignore and move on.

Another moniker to look out for is “Alex Parrish.” This scammer offers to send you a bigger check than what you are asking, intending to split costs with their “shipping agent”–by all means, don’t appeal to this.

To avoid similarly fraudulent names, always be sure to do a thorough background search. You don’t have to use a background search service, but simply running their name through your social media platforms and Google can pull up a decent snapshot of who’s contacting you.

Here are a few useful links to better track when you are being scammed:
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