One of our artists recently forward to us an email sent to them. Although certainly it is catchy, and well-written, artists beware:


“I hope this email meets you well. I have just been updated by my

husband that he has made arrangement for your payment to be sent in

next couple of days by a creditor client of his,as he told me he`s

been occupied with various official responsibilities which will not

let him be home in the next couple of weeks and will not want this to

delay our move.

However,I heard from the shipper that they had been in contact with

you but yet to have a response from you,kindly make all the necessary

arrangements with them prior to when the payment will be received in

the next couple of days.

I`ll be in the hospital in the next couple of days as I`ll be on bed

rest as advised by my doctor,but I`ll try my best to keep you

posted.As soon as the payment is sent,I`ll email you the details.I

apologize for the delay as I understand that the payment ought to have

been received by now but I hope you too know that there is a lot

involved in this kind of move.” 


Here’s the catch: although they are paying you more than what you ask for, they will ask that you reimburse the difference. This is where the scam begins. From here, they phish into your account and wreak havoc. More than likely the check they made out to you will be untraceable and will bounce.

More information regarding art scam can be found here

But be sure to always file a complaint with the IC3. Persistence is what will put an end to this. 

Kristin Schattenfield-Rein

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