Opening Reception: Friday, January 10, 2020
5 – 9 PM during Art Loop

“Let there be light, and there was light. And we may have landed on the moon. That would be after the pyramids were built, mind you. In their uniquely distorted and opinionated timeline of the world, Atkins and Lucente present the absolute truth.

“In 2020, history isn’t dead, but it is unreliable… and everyone knows it.  But then, everyone knows everything. Wait! Is that right? I’ll google it…

“Of course, if everyone knows everything, doesn’t that mean no one knows anything? Maybe. Everything is relative, right?  So, in that spirit, we present our History of the World – sort of.  

“We make no claims… of relevance… let alone truth.  But, we do hold to the validity of our perspective – sort of.

“Our vision is just that – ours.  Feel free to offer your own take on the world, history, the state of the species, etc.  

We’ll listen… sort of.”

Hugh Atkins’ art involves dismantling images and putting them back together in different forms. Why? Good question. To discover new perspectives on what seems to be. Atkins is a visual artist whose lyrical work yields compositions typically forming melanges of human forms, landscape, and intricate borders.

Jenna Lucente uses layers of mylar and manipulated imagery to juxtapose past and present. How do you know history? As it really was? Or through the lens of pop culture and the homogenization of events? Lucente is an artist and educator currently living in Delaware. She recently completed a public art commission that includes 28 glass windows for the above-ground Arthur Kill train station in Staten Island, New York.

Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery