Through Collective Awareness, over 40 DVAA Members come together to prove that Landscape art is not limited to paintings of lush green hills and deep blue oceans. Reflecting the breadth of work represented at DVAA, Collective Awareness combines painting, photography, sculpture and craft. Individual perspectives harmoniously coming together to harness the natural energy of the world as this particular group of people experience it.

Collective Awareness will be on view in Gallery 1 at Da Vinci Art Alliance beginning June 29th, and will be available as a video walkthrough shortly after. Join us for the opening reception of the exhibit on June 30th, from 4-7pm.

Participating artists:

Aaron Kalinay, Alden Cole, Andrea Krupp, Andromeda Cook, Anna Guarneri, Arlene Solomon, Benjamin B Olshin, Bennett Lorber, Bill Brookover, Blue Benet, Carlos A Gil, Charlie Welch, Diane Lachman, Erika Kuciw, Floyd Kelley Jr, Gary Grissom, Geoffrey Agrons, Gloria Klaiman, Willard Johnson, Helge Speth, James Stewart, Karin Payne, Krista Dedrick-Lai, Linda Dubin Garfield, Liv Pancheri, Liz Looker, Louis Gribaudo, M Lisa Ford, Marcie M Ziskind, Maria Lindenfeldar, Marilyn Stubblebine, Mark Krull, Marvin Greenbaum, Morgan Thomas Shankweiler, Nasir Young, Ona Kalstein, Pamela Tudor, Penelope Tsaltas  Lisk, Pia De Girolamo, Rebecca Conviser, Rob Lybeck, Robert Solomon, Robert Zurer, Rosalind Bloom, Sally K Eisenberg, Sammy Kovnat, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, Sandra Benhaim, and Terri Fridkin