GoggleWorks 14th Annual Juried Exhibition

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GoggleWorks 14th Annual Juried Exhibition

April 25 - June 26

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GoggleWorks is excited to welcome work from across the country in the 14th Annual Juried Exhibition. This year the exhibition centers on 3D work from talented artists working in a range of media. Artists selected by this years juror, Chris Rodgers, are working in media as diverse as blown glass, jewelry, ceramics, textiles, furniture design, and mixed media assemblage.

Accepted Artists:
Nancy Agati, Audrey An, Adina Andrus, Alex Bell, Miranda Blas, Beryl Brenner, Brent Brown, Laura Dirksen, Lorraine Felker, Sophie Glenn, Bob Hakun, Michelle Herman, Emily Hracho, Peggy Hracho, Erika Huston, Jasmine Kelly, Constance McBride, Rob Mull, Scott Newman, Kiya Nicole, Colin Pezzano, Leslie Pontz, John Rodgers, Kate Rusek, Dora Siemel, Natalie Strickland, Peter Tietbohl, Brian Vu, Allen Wagner, Emily Rose Wright

From the Juror:
“Historically the art object has been created by hand and tool, and selected from nature; clay, wood, stone, bone, shell, etc. for spiritual or daily use. But as societies have changed over time so have the materials selected for making sculpture. Even the very act of selecting an object and declaring it as art is now sculpture. Our very understanding of sculpture is tethered to the society, place, and time that these art objects exist within. But in a world that is full of the endlessly abundant commodified object, how do we come to connect to a particular locale, or to understand the global world where we are now living?
Two-dimensional works of art are contained with some sort of boundary; there is a frame between the world we occupy and that which is imagined, but they are typically created to be seen in full. Sculptures exist as three-dimensional objects that occupy space. These objects, or things, for they are something with mass and weight, exist in relation to their surroundings. Sculpture is also elusive, it is not possible to experience an object all at once from all angles. Display expands the experience of art objects. Connections between the different artworks, the space, and the viewer come together to form a unique moment.”

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Image: Lonely Girl Room 717, Constance McBride


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