Light & Ink: Photography and Writing with Laura Larson

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Light & Ink: Photography and Writing with Laura Larson

May 25, 2021 - July 15, 2021

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In this eight-week workshop, students will explore the generative possibilities between writing and photography in creative practice. How can language illuminate or disturb the seeming fact of a photograph? Can a photograph animate a text to create new meanings? Through readings and image presentations, we will study historical and contemporary works including books, prints, and installations. These discussions will feed weekly assignments where we will explore the material weave of image and text and its expressive potential to evoke, describe, and narrate. Students will produce a self-directed final project informed by their research.

The class will meet twice a week on Zoom—one 1-hour class and a second two-hour session. The one-hour class will be dedicated to lectures and discussion. During the two-hour session, we will critique assigned projects or work on in-class assignments. In addition, the instructor will meet with each student for a dedicated one-hour critique during the course of the workshop.

Participants who complete this workshop will have the opportunity to show work they create in the exhibition Selections from the Silver Eye Institute in our main gallery exhibition in August of 2021.

Experience Level: This workshop is ideal for advanced students and established artists, writers, and curatorial thinkers who are looking for new approaches and challenges in their practice.

For more information on Laura Larsen, the workshop guidelines, and to see the schedule for this workshop, check out the Silver Eye website!

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