Subjective Perspective

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Coming out of 2020, there probably isn’t a long list of things we as a society could all agree on. But if you had to try to find one, it might be this — things can change very quickly. The constant stream of news, record breaking Covid statistics, and philosophical battles to fight have created an atmosphere of constant engagement. For better or worse, this shift has brought more people off of the sidelines of politics and plunged them into the fray of social discourse. In doing so, we all became active participants with unique ideas, backgrounds, and unshakable beliefs, our own subjective perspective.

Linear perspective has transformed the gaze of subjectivity. It offers the interpretation that “everyone sees the world differently and has a story to tell”. In accordance with this idea, DVAA has called upon their membership to present Subjective Perspective.

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Participating Artists:
Aaron Kalinay, Alan Lankin, Angelo Benedetto, Annie Stone, Barbara B. Rosin, Barbara Dirnbach, Bill Brookover, Carlos A. Gil, Carole Jury, Chelsey Luster, Cheryl Levin, Chris Macan, Dana Scott, Daniel Michael Sierchio, David Deakin, Diane Lachman, Doré Vorum, Ed Keer, Eddy Rhenals, Eleanor Levie, Eric van der Vlugt, Erika Kuciw, Fabio Andres Rodriguez Vallejo, Florence Weisz, Gary Grissom, Gloria Klaiman, Harold Kalmus, Helge Speth, James Strickler, Jill Cucci Smith, Joann Neufeld, Joellyn Ross, John James Pron, Jorge Caligiuri, Karen Stabenow, Kit Donnelly, L.L. Gross, Linda Dubin Garfield, Louis Gribaudo, M. Lisa Ford, Marilyn Stubblebine, Mario Nascati, Marvin Greenbaum, Mary Powers Holt, Maryanne Buschini, Michael Marks, Nancy Alter, Orlando Saverino-Loeb, Ona Kalstein, Pamela Tudor, Penelope Tsaltas Lisk, Reyna Howkins, Rob Lybeck, Robert Reinhardt, Robert S. Hunter, Robert Solomon, Robert Zurer, Robin Brownfield, Rosalind Bloom, Rusty Eveland, Sam Koren, Sarah R. Bloom, Selene Nunez-Cruz, Susan DiPronio, Susan Richards, Ted Warchal, Vanessa Hazzard, and Virginia Conover.


March 11, 2021
March 28, 2021
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