The Earth is Blue

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The Earth is Blue

July 29, 2021 - August 7, 2021

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The collapse of space that occurs in the internet is a profound shift in the way culture makers and everyday people produce community, relationships and influences. As part of an experiment at The Alternative Art School, they have created a collaborative exhibition between artists across the globe. Working in tandem with alternative spaces, they asked an artist at TAAS and one artist suggested by their global alternative art colleagues to produce art works across geography and empathy. While not every part of the world is suffering in the same manner during the pandemic, it is safe to say that everyone has been impacted.

The project had two parts. Part 1: The Alternative Art School asked each artist to talk about their last year with their collaborator, then make an artwork based on that conversation. Part 2: They asked each artist to also exhibit the work of their collaborator in their own context. Thus it was a two-fold exchange. The first in empathy and the second in geography.

The Alternative Art School is interested in producing new forms of community and additionally new forms of exhibit making inspired by global cultural exchange.

Participating Artists
Clark Stoeckley, Junghun Kim, Lexa Walsh, Özgür Saçan, Winfred Nana Amoah, Tajji Nahl, Firat Engin, Leroy Johnson, Wendy Ackrell, Ayçesu Duran, Danielle Schlunegger-Warner, Julianna Foster, Chel Delaney, Darla Jackson, Ying Ye 叶荧, Ash Kilmartin, Laurie Berenhaus, Anastasia Shin, Quynh Lam, Milla Jung, Florian Sông Nguyen, Zeynep Aslanoba, Marco Trinca Colonel, Alexandre Ignacio Alves, Tiago Gualberto

With special thanks to TAAS’s global partners and collaborators:
Marginal Utility, Vox Populi, Arch Enemy Arts, Protocinema, Depo, Casa De Povo, Pivô, Artbo, Espacio Odeon, Fathomers, Navel, The Velaslavasay Panorama, Kunstinstituut Melly, Bik Van Der Pol, State of Concept Athens, 3 137, Enterprise Projects


July 29, 2021
August 7, 2021
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The Alternative Art School
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