The Gift

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The Gift

November 20, 2021 - January 8, 2022


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No. 5 Butchie Alley welcomes Marguerita Hagan and the gallery’s owner Terri Saulin for a special Winter Holiday exhibition and pit-firing workshop.

Opening Reception, Saturday, November 20th 2021, from 6-9pm

Closing Reception, Saturday, January 8th 2022, from 6-9 pm

Friendship is a gift. 

Hagan and Saulin began their friendship virtually, in love with each other’s work and in love with clay. When they finally met in person, Saulin got to assist Hagan at one of her pit-firings. They became dearest friends.

Hagan presents a selection of her rich collection of drawings & works in clay from earthy Rongorongos,  La Mer gems to her tableware. Each piece of tableware has lovingly drawn images in both the Primary Producer and Petroglyph series. Hagan’s pit-fired Rongorongos give form, painted by fumes and flame to the ancient and mystical Easter Island language. The delicate La Mer series shines light on the ocean and celebrates its extraordinary aesthetics and sustaining life force with which our lives are intrinsically linked. Each series is given as a gift to sustain our environment and future.

Saulin presents a selection of cups and ornate vase forms. Saulin’s work examines the idea of the gifts we leave behind that conjure memory. Saulin’s elaborately covered vase forms are a meditation on the thousands of loops her mother made while crocheting piles of blankets. What thoughts may have passed under the weight of each accumulated stitch. Some vessels are adorned with sprigs made from her mother’s and other’s costume jewelry. Jewelry, destined for a thrift shop sale that documented a history of gift giving and memories of cherished occasions, are given new life on ceramic wares.

The exhibition’s title is a nod to the book by Lewis Hyde that discusses the premise that works of art exist simultaneously in two economies. Works of Art are “gifts,” even though they are bought and sold as commodities, they possess an inexplicable quality that ignites delight or invokes a soulful memory, some inexplicable thing is gained that has nothing to do with the price paid. They move the heart. Objects have the ability to create interconnected relationships as they move through hands and gain power through use and care and memories shared. 

Marguerita Hagan is a ceramic sculptor based in Philadelphia. She is an advocate for the thriving of all life in mutually sustainable communities and environments. The concept of interdependence plays throughout her sculpture, teaching and community arts.Throughout her career, Hagan has brought to light the beauty and engineering of our planet’s diverse ecosystems and our powerful role as stewards. Hagan’s practice is an ongoing discovery, magnifying our awareness, reciprocal responsibility and protection of each other and our planet. She received her MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and her BFA in Ceramics at James Madison University. Her projects include collaborations with artists, scientists and community, environmental art-science residencies, lectures and exhibits nationally and internationally.

Terri Saulin received her MFA from the University of the Arts and her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design. She is a member and press coordinator for Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia and a Member/Supporter of The Clay Studio, Philadelphia. She currently teaches a variety of Studio Arts courses at The Agnes Irwin School, in Rosemont, PA. Terri is the owner of No. 5 Butchie Alley. No. 5 Butchie Alley is an outgrowth of Terri’s studio. The space is secretly tucked away on a small easement in South Philly that opens into a garden of inspiration.


November 20, 2021
January 8
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No. 5 Butchie Alley
1175 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147 United States
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