The Undergrid

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The Undergrid

September 13, 2018 - September 16, 2018

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Where does one body end and another begin? Can my words, my insistence, let you feel the inside of my elbow? If you can feel it and I can feel you, does that make us more real?

This is a love letter to what we think has been lost. This is a rhythmic and persistent celebration of where memory and imagination live inside the body and are remade real through moving ritual. 

The undergird uses dance, sculpture, and text to radicalize the eulogy and examine grief, power, and togetherness. We are both here and there, together, using memory as felt material and forgetting as a gateway to be closer to one another. Created by Meg Foley and performed by Foley, Drew Kaiser, Jungeun Kim, and Annie Wilson, with design by Natalie Robin, each performer brings all of themselves, including their dead, to build an intimate, highly physical space that undoes our understanding of time and what’s present and proposes – hopes – that we can live forever. It is a summoning and together we can bear almost anything.

concept and project leader: Meg Foley
direction, choreography, and performance: Meg Foley, Drew Kaiser, Jungeun Kim, and Annie Wilson
lighting design: Natalie Robin
costume design: Allison Pearce
set design: Meg Foley and Natalie Robin in collaboration with performers
creative producer: Sarah Bishop-Stone
production manager: Natalie Robin
process facilitation: Jennifer Bullock, Mina Zarfsaz
co-producer: Oliver Nicholas
Presented in partnership with Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts
Developed with financial support provided by University of the Arts. Residency support provided by Icebox Project Space, Dancemakers Centre for Creation, and The Kate Escape
The undergird is indebted to research and dancing shared with Kristel Baldoz, Alice Chauchat, Eun Jung Choi, Jeanine Durning, Gregory Holt, Eroca Nicols, iele paloumpis, Marissa Perel, Marysia Stokłosa, and Christina Zani.

Meg Foley is a Philadelphia-based performer and choreographer. Her work is influenced by her identity as a queer artist and parent and is rooted in a loving tumble with formalism in dance and what constitutes performance. She makes dances, events, and objects that explore the materiality of physical and social identity as choreographic form. From 2012-2016 she danced daily at 3:15pm, culminating in a collective documentation and performance project with three collaborators: Action is Primary. Her work has been presented in performance and visual art venues in Philadelphia, NYC, Los Angeles, Canada, Germany, and Poland. She has received grants from Dancemakers Centre for Creation, Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Art Stary Browar, Polish Cultural Institute, and the Independence Foundation. She teaches at University of the Arts and is creative co-director of The Whole Shebang, an arts space in South Philly.

Drew Kaiser is a dance artist and massage therapist based in Philadelphia, PA. He studied dance & choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, thereafter moving to Berlin where he was able to expand his experience of the art form. Over the years, he has had the pleasure of performing in places from Toronto to Luxembourg, and Singapore to Shanghai. Upon moving back to the states, he began focusing on how to use the knowledge accumulated over the years studying dance to provide relief to those suffering from chronic ailment, in the form of massage therapy. Today, Drew works for a holistic day spa in South Philadelphia, and continues to work with local choreographers.


September 13, 2018
September 16, 2018
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