Zeuxis: Composing in the Key of S

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Zeuxis: Composing in the Key of S

April 27, 2021 - May 22, 2021


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Swirling, serpentine and sinuous, the still lifes in Zeuxis’ latest exhibition, “Composing in the Key of S,” take inspiration from the dynamic compositions of various traditional masters. Can the elements of a still life take flight in the manner of a Turner, Chardin or Titian? If so, nature morte would become nature animée.

Like each of Zeuxis’ numerous previous exhibitions, “Composing in the Key of S” takes shape around a particular topic. This shared theme allows the practiced painters of Zeuxis, with their highly divergent approaches, to bring their work into fascinating conversation.

Zeuxis Artists
Temma Bell
Neil Callander
Kathleen Craig
Daniel Dallmann
Phyllis Floyd
John Goodrich
Elizabeth Higgins
Philip R. Jackson
Tim Kennedy
Deborah Kirklin
Matt Klos
Jean Koeller
Richard La Presti
Ying Li
Joseph Morzuch
Neil Plotkin
Edmond Praybe
Mary Prince
Clara Shen
Sandra Stone
Gwen Strahle
Sheldon Tapley
Megan Williamson
Guest Artists
Franklin Einspruch
Diana Horowitz
Barbara Kassel
Matthew Lopas
David Summers


First Street Gallery
526 West 26th Street, Suite 209
New York, NY United States
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