InLiquid is moving from the third to the ground floor of the Crane Arts Building, into a newly renovated studio and public gallery in the winter of 2018.

Since moving into Crane Arts 11 years ago, InLiquid has been an influence in major transformations in the South Kensington landscape. Most recently we’ve welcomed new residential neighbors and commercial developers, many of whom have opened new offices, retail shops, and additional art studios.

With the exciting art scene developments and InLiquid’s commitment to community accessibility, moving our studio and introducing a gallery on the first floor of Crane Arts will ensure our place as a lead cultural venue. The arrival of new art centers in the neighborhood will drastically increase InLiquid’s audience foot-traffic, which will greatly raise the visibility of our artist members and yearly programming.

Street level accessibility would allow our organization to directly be a part of the current melding of art with the existing community in Kensington, and opens the door to new partnerships. You can help us best integrate InLiquid’s mission with the needs of our surrounding neighbors by investing in our collaborative transformations.

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Virginia Joyce

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