air and space @ Crane Hall

air and space @ Crane Hall

Delainey Barclay



air and space


My recent body of work focused on air, shadow, light and space. Over time it has become more abstract and is now also very process oriented. While I still maintain the repetitive quality along with a muted palette, this work explores the materials themselves as well.

To keep the large scale pieces relatable I am using childhood craft projects as a basis for the techniques used in assembling the work. Everyday objects that can be found in abundance in most households are the materials from which I have chosen to make all the three dimensional forms. I feel this not only makes the work approachable but also gives it a familiarity. – Delainey Barclay


Delainey Barclay is an oil painter and installation artist based in Wilmington, DE. Since receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design she has maintained a working studio, currently in the Trolley Square area of Wilmington. She is also a founder of Project Space, an artist run gallery, installation lounge and studio space.

In 2011 Barclay received a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts in visual arts for painting. She has also recently had solo exhibits at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts and at the Mezzanine Gallery.

The public hours for the Crane Arts Building are noon – 6 pm, Wednesday – Sunday, and until 9 pm on the Second Thursday of each month.