Andrea Lyons and Gerry Tuten

Andrea Lyons and Gerry Tuten

Exhibition on view until: Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Andrea Lyons’ Artist Statement:
Andrea Lyons has always been consumed by thoughts of family and home and uses these as a source of inspiration in her artwork. Lyons uses the building materials that create houses, such as wood, as her base forms, cutting them into architectural shapes on which she paints. She cuts, places, and glues each piece before finally painting them. The illusions of textures in her finished work are created by following the natural wood grain of the wooden base forms. These “wooden grains” become manipulated, exaggerated, are playfully colored, and in some cases can even create the illusion of dimensionality.

Gerry Tuten’s Artist Statement
Gerry Tuten sees painting as a venture inside and outside of herself in search of something in the exploration of the micro and macro levels of natural ecology. Tuten’s painting process is an act of rule breaking, curiosity, trust and courage. Gerry’s work frequently overcomes her, exciting her when she’s reaching a breakthrough. In that freedom she finds delight and joy and a way to express, beyond words.

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