Artistic Rebuttal

The Artistic Rebuttal Book Project

“Art is, like, the most worthless degree anyone can get. Like, haha, they have a degree in making s#!% with Popsicle sticks.”

Amy Scheidegger, a Philadelphia artist, overhead this conversation on the subway and instead of stewing about it, she created the Artistic Rebuttal Book Projectóa collection of visually rendered statements about the importance of the arts, submitted by artists and advocates from all over the country.

The music that gives you chills? An artist did that.This was one of the first rebuttals Amy received. As of now, Scheidegger has 314 people confirmed to contribute from 60+ American and Canadian cities; an abridged version of the book was presented to PA representatives at National Arts Advocacy day this April. The complete version of the book will be printed in early summer and is expected to be in galleries, arts councils, tourist departments and libraries across the country. The artistic donations include personal statements, statistics, and a variety of imagery from people throughout the nation. People from all backgrounds including social work and even the medical field have contributed. Supporters affiliated with the project demonstrate that you do not have to be an artist to take an honest look at what the arts contribute to the world.
Rebuttal submissions will be accepted through May 15. Click here to view the Call for Entries