Exhibition on view until: Sunday, January 14, 2018

InLiquid presents a special installation by artist member Alice Gonglewski. Bound consists of a grid composed of smaller woven grid pieces, each similar in structure yet still distinct and individual. The small grids are bound to each other as well as to the gossamer shroud encasing the group. On the accompanying boxes, each side is bound to the other.

This work honors stillness, hope, and potential. Bound can mean either constrained or headed toward something or somewhere, depending on the context. A section of the large grid pushes against the gossamer, reaching beyond its current limit. The boxes enclose the area inside them, but not completely due to the sieved quality of the sides. Instead of being trapped, the space inside is accessible and open despite the inherent structural nature of the box.

A Pennsylvania native, Alice Gonglewski grew up outside of Harrisburg and has been based in Philadelphia since 2001. Gonglewski has taught art in a variety of settings including the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the Medical College of Virginia (Pediatric Playroom and Adult Chemotherapy Ward). In addition to being a visual artist, Gonglewski has worked as a professional storyteller and puppeteer and created interactive educational programs and performances at Please Touch Museum for over a decade. She currently serves as the Vaccine Makers Outreach Coordinator for the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.