Cascade @ OCP

Exhibition on view until: Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Artist Statement

“As I walk I observe and document the territory through which I travel. Sometimes I walk very slowly, scouring the landscape for evidence of birds or animals, and sometimes more quickly, impatient to complete my walk. But whatever my mood or purpose I always have my camera. In the studio I search through these images pausing from time to time as I choose images to further explore via the painting process. The paintings become a record of pace and focus, of what my mother, in her attempts to get us to complete our tasks thoroughly called (with emphasis) “Attention To Detail.” They are also a record of flagging attention, of inattention and sometimes what one (mom again) might call “half-assed” effort. All together they are a record of a mind’s ability to absorb and consider information; and also of the limitations of that ability.”