Constance Culpepper @ River’s Edge Gallery

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, May 31, 2014

Constance Culpepper

River’s Edge Gallery at Bridgeton House
1525 River Road
Upper Black Eddy, PA

InLiquid presents the work of Constance Culpepper at River’s Edge Gallery at Bridgeton House. Culpepper’s paintings act as windows into domestic interiors, where bright colors and soft edges create a space for comfort and contemplation. The work mirthfully plays with the Bridgeton House’s role as a bed-and-breakfast, reflecting the significance of objects in creating a home away from home.

Artist Statement

“My grandmother, Willie Dell, inspired me with her fiery spirit and sense of adventure and continues to infuse my creativity.

What began when I was a child with drawing, knitting and sewing, my work today is primarily oil on canvas. Style and subject matter are expressionist still lifes and interiors, verging on abstraction. I explore emotion and the representational image through color, patterning and compositional deconstruction.”