Constructing Organics

Exhibition on view until: Friday, December 30, 2016

InLiquid presents artists Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman, Diane Marimow, Nancy Agati, and Michele Tremblay in a special exhibition, Constructing Organics. This exhibition runs concurrently with, and as a participant of, DesignPhiladelphia.

Exhibiting at Park Towne Place’s South Tower, Constructing Organics draws together the work of five artists work, mimetic of nature’s way of organically creating patterns, textures, and forms while contemplating man’s use and interpretation thereof. Using sophisticated design processes and relying on their intuition as artists, these five women offer visions of beauty, construction, and reconstruction.

Nancy Agati uses organic materials to create new sculptural structures that maintain their botanical origins. Emily Squires Levine and Laura Tabakman have created a collaborative site-specific installation that mimics forest life using manmade materials. Similarly, Michele Tremblay creates wall mounted sculptures from artificial materials that accurately recreate the forms of leaves and petals. Diane Marimow uses ceramics to create handmade gestural totems referencing the shapes and patterns of mollusks and shells.