Ghost Stories

Exhibition on view until: Thursday, May 30, 2019

John Howell White’s ethereal work gives a nod to the organic forms of abstract expressionists like Joan Mitchell and Willem De Kooning, while also exploring the line quality and structure of earlier artists such as Paul Klee and Joan Miró. He writes:
“I am interested in paintings as contemplative spaces. For many years, like many people with complicated lives, my painting moments have been wedged between work, family and civic life. The scale and the content of these paintings provide effective opportunities for this practice.”

These works originated through gestural line drawings, which refer to forms and fields of energy. In relation to these origins, materials, fields, figures, color, gesture, and surface, along with life’s conditions, reinforce and subvert those original drawings. These interactions converse with and mimic other kinds of thought. Hopefully, these images animate space, attract viewers attention and hold their attention long enough to resonate with their own thoughts about everyday events, as well as truth, beauty, and goodness.