Here and There

Exhibition on view until: Sunday, September 15, 2019

Here and There features the work of Philadelphia artists Lee Lippman and Krista Dedrick Lai. Lee Lippman is 93 years old and has lived in Philadelphia most of his life. His representational work depicts landscapes and cityscapes thoughtfully, without judgment. On a non-traditional scale, Krista’s mixed media pieces tie together the peaceful classic scenery from the first floor into a more modern and ephemeral dreamscape. Directly depicting or implying scenes of land, water, and sky, the works in this show transport the viewer to a place very much here, and very much far away.

A longtime Philadelphia artist, Lippman’s work also features imagery from his decades in Mexico. Lippman’s care in depicting the Mexican and the US East Coast landscape is honest: it seems both casual and weighted at the same time. These traditional cityscapes of skyscrapers and water towers are as relevant as the mountains, the trees, and the water.

Krista’s landscapes are contemporary abstractions. Her collages/mixed media work is bright, vibrant, and colorful. Especially in her series, Napscapes, but in all her work, the landscapes and the city come together in a surreal mishmash that is comforting and disorienting all at once.