Il Tragitto (The Path) @ The Bride

Brian Mengini - Woman And Child

Il Tragitto (The Path) @ The Bride

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, December 31, 2016

InLiquid presents Il Tragitto (The Path), a solo show featuring the photographic work of artist member Brian Mengini at the Painted Bride Art Center Café Gallery. Il Tragitto (The Path) is a photographic exploration into the artist’s Italian roots. His great grandfather, Antonio Mancini, left his native country in 1908 at the age of 17 to start a new life in America. Leaving without any word to his family, it wouldn’t be until over a decade later, when his cousin Carmine came to America, that Antonio’s parents would learn of his whereabouts. Over the last 40 years, there was no communication between the family in Italy and the family (now going by Mengini) living in America. This changed in 2014 when Brian Mengini was able to locate and establish communication with almost a dozen of his great grandfather’s cousins in Italy.

Two years later, although no longer in direct contact with these family members, the artist was able to make the trip to explore the birthplace of Antonio. The day before leaving, through complete strangers at a bar (an Irish one at that!), Brian met the grandson of Carmine, Antonio’s cousin. Almost a century after Antonio left Guglionesi, severing ties to his family, the artist returned there and reunited his family. This special series of photographs chronicles this trip to Italy.

Support provided in part by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund.

Gallery Hours at the Painted Bride Art Center are Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm to 6pm.