Indian Kaleidoscope @ I-House

Indian Kaleidoscope @ I-House

Exhibition on view until: Friday, December 2, 2011

A video series by Termite TV

InLiquid presents Indian Kaleidoscope, a video series by Termite TV at the International House Video Lounge. The exhibition will be on view from October 17 through December 2, 2011. There will be a reception for the artists on Thursday, October 20, 2011 from 6 to 7:30 pm. This exhibition will coincide with a month of Indian programming presented by International House Philadelphia.


Artists from Termite TV Collective explore sounds and images of India through a blend of experimental, documentary and narrative work. The films explore a range of topics, from whimsical travelogues and journeys (India), issues of migration and diaspora (Telekinetics), oral traditions and rituals (Paddana, Song of the Ancestors), and personal expressions and memories (American Past – Le Temps Perdu et Oublie).


Indian Kaleidoscope features the experimental video works by collective artists: Anula Shetty, Caroline Savage, Dorothea Braemer, Francesca Soans, Karen Lefkovitz, Matthew Fisher, Michael Kuetemeyer, and Wendy Surinsky. Four pieces will be presented:


Telekinetics, 2000 (20 min.)
Three filmmakers reflect on the idea of human migration, in aims to discover what draws, keeps, or repels people of all nationalities to or away from different parts of the globe. Disconcerting shots utilize pattern and motion, constructing an unpredictable set of surreal sequences. The piece wrestles with the international differences and interpretations regarding the concepts of home, nationality, and identity.


American Past – Le Temps Perdu et Oublie, 2011 (5:25 min.)
The stories of a past in Pakistan, India, Ceylon, and the United States are told through home movies, juxtaposed with text drawn from a military wife’s diary entries.


India, 1994 (27:30 min.)
A dancing bilingual camel leads us on a journey to India to explore termite mounds, handloom mills, caves, and sculptures. Colorful reflections on being a tourist in India are combined with Indian perspectives on being away from home. In this unique collage of video works, a variety of styles and distinct genres blend together to achieve a contrast both conceptually and visually.


Paddana, Song of the Ancestors, 2000 (40 min.)
In a house inhabited by ancestral spirits, three generations of Indian women reside, each with their own hauntings. The eldest, Sarasu, feels her life slipping away as age diminishes her world; her widowed daughter Yashodha has soured under the pressure of maintaining the household; and the youngest, Kala, is fascinated by the forbidden places where the bhuthas, the spirits, dwell.


Founded in 1992, Termite TV is a video collective with members based in Philadelphia, Buffalo and Baltimore. The mission of Termite TV Collective is to produce, distribute and facilitate the creation of experimental and activist media that challenges the status quo and provides an alternative to corporate media. We value working collaboratively across artistic disciplines, inspiring other artists, encouraging the expression of multiple styles and points of view, risk-taking, innovation and the blend of humor and intelligent critique in our work.


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