Joyce Barker Schwartz and Favi Dubo

Exhibition on view until: Friday, January 10, 2020

Joyce Barker Schwartz’s works start with an intent to create a juxtaposition between thought and mass. Her body of work is a dialogue, which is arrived at through personal introspection and observation. It is her desire that propels her to offer the viewer, many facets of continuing, repetitive narratives. Her process is to create depth and structure by breaking the surface or through application. Color saturation plays an integral part in defining the narrative and energy of the work.

Inspired by his passion for architecture and the landscape, Favi Dubo‘s art is an emotional response to our changing surroundings. He begins each piece with a particular idea that compels him to explore the work in a nonrepresentational manner. Then he creates templates of shapes, which allows him to explore color relationships, patterning, depth, and perspective. The exploratory process of adding layers and colors that finally defines each painting is the heart of the piece.