Juggling Wolf @ Kimmel Cube

Juggling Wolf @ Kimmel Cube

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
300 S. Broad Street

Through a partnership with the Kimmel Center, InLiquid will be utilizing the space for art in new ways. The Cube (on the corner of Broad + Spruce Streets) will now feature dynamic digital works created by local studios and artists, and curated by InLiquid, making it a Digital Canvas right along the Avenue of the Arts.

This month’s featured work, entitled Cupcake Cheesesteak, was submitted by animation studio Juggling Wolf.

Juggling Wolf is a multidisciplinary collective, dedicated to creating video and animation that is technically challenging, and visually rewarding. The team frequently mixes various techniques, from stop motion and traditional animation, to high-end digital compositing.

Preview the video below:

Stay tuned for videos by Leo Hylan and Jeff Brown in July.