Jung and Schattenfield-Rein

Jung and Schattenfield-Rein

Exhibition on view until: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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The elegant works of Taesook Jung and Kristen Schattenfield-Rein highlight the tension of the delicate suppleness of Jung’s paintings with the crystalline solidity of Schattenfield-Rein’s sculptural wall works. Uniting these two artists and their works are a combined interest in eastern philosophical ideas of spiritual vitality, transition, and aesthetic experience.

Jung’s sumptuous paintings speak to a vigorous energy which communicates a universal harmony linking ones self with nature. Jung’s desire to share these lived experiences, which she symbolizes through Peonies, with her audience is an empathetic gesture of wellness and healing. Jung’s paintings are talismans of life’s energy that strive to connect the viewer to a blossoming majesty of feeling.

Schattenfield-Rein’s reflective constructions are built of glass, mineral, and wood in a manner that transcends their earth-bound and materialistic nature. Inspired by Buddhist beliefs of Bardo (the transitional states between death and re-birth), Schattenfield-Rein’s works pull the viewer into the midpoint between beauty and danger.