Just Add Maggots @ I-House

Just Add Maggots @ I-House

an installation by Colette Copeland
featuring videos Mydeath.com and Ossa

Just Add Maggots features an installation of two and three-dimensional work and two videos, each drawing the viewer to a darker place through Colette Copeland’s fascination with death and macabre. From creating a fantasy, dark world, to giving a humorous “how-to” instruction on planning a funeral quickly, the artist shows us the beauty in death and darkness.

Ossa, 2009, stop-action animation, 3.13 minutes
Produced by Christopher Dunkle & Colette Copeland
Music from River Weeds composed by William Harper
“Gifted with a box of small animal skeletons, I envisioned creating a magical, but dark world, where the skeletons came alive, enacting primal rituals. Animator Christopher Dunkle shared my vision and together we collaborated on this short video inspired by the Quay Brothers and Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”.” (Colette Copeland)

Mydeath.com, 2007, digital video/animation, 90 seconds
Directed/animated by Colette Copeland
“The video, Mydeath.com (a.k.a. how to plan a funeral in 90 seconds or less) humorously asserts the Internet as the ultimate commodified marketplace. Recontextualizing images downloaded from various ‘death’ websites, the work celebrates the bombardment of visual information questioning our saturation point and how we decipher the accuracy of information.” (Colette Copeland)

“In Mary Roach’s darkly humorous best-selling book, Stiff–The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, she states that there are many people who feel that ‘to do anything other than bury or cremate the dead is disrespectful, which includes writing a book about them.’1 I’m guessing there will be those who feel the same way about this exhibition, suggesting I am irreverent, a shockaholic, or worse, suffering from psychotic dementia. To them I say—Please sample the French Onion Soup with Salmonella sauce.” (Colette Copeland)

Gallery hours at the International House are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. Admission is FREE to International House art exhibitions. Video installations at International House are made possible with the support of Genesis Asset Protection.