Leo Hylan @ Kimmel Center

Exhibition closed: July 31, 2014

Through a partnership with the Kimmel Center, InLiquid will be utilizing the space for art in new ways. The Cube (on the corner of Broad + Spruce Streets) will now feature dynamic digital works created by local studios and artists, and curated by InLiquid, making it a Digital Canvas right along the Avenue of the Arts.

The next featured videos are by Leo Hylan, and are intended to respond to a particular time of day. Graffix, which is displayed during the waking hours, features bright colors and dynamic movement. By contrast, Insomnia has a subdued feel and plays only after the sun goes down.

Leo Hylan is a multi-media artist living in Annapolis Maryland. Hylan’s abstract videos deconstruct the familiar and emphasize chance and error. The result allows for a multifaceted and open-ended interpretation of visual phenomena.

Video Credits:

Leo Hylan

Leo Hylan