Light and Language

Exhibition on view until: Friday, August 31, 2018

Light and Language is a unique exhibition of artwork at the intersection of functionality, communication, and pure sensation. Using the concept of a neon sign as a starting point, the exhibition parses out the artistic threads inherent to the object. As a cultural artifact, neon touches on the contemporary practice of using found objects in the creation of art. As a sign, neon communicates to a viewer through symbols, which can either contain meaning or be abstracted as design. When emitting light, the signs provide an irresistible draw, evoking a physical reaction in the viewer. This exhibition is an exploration of how contemporary artists work within the disciplines of light, language, and the ephemera of everyday life.

Featuring large site-specific works, neon signs, and light sculptures, Light and Language is bright and visually loud, and it’s meant to be seen and appreciated from the Parkway, as well as from within the gallery spaces. This is the first show to span three active galleries in the South, North, and West Towers at Park Towne Place. Each location offers a variation on the central theme, unifying several sites into a single dynamic exhibition.

Light and Language is a part of the Parkway 100’s Connections and Collections Centennial Celebration. This exhibition features art and collections of objects inspired by the permanent collection at Park Towne Place.