Lines and Places @ Old City Publishing

Lines and Places @ Old City Publishing

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, May 31, 2014

Marilyn MacGregor

Artist Statement

“Drawing has always been at the heart of my work as an artist and designer. Years of traveling (even very close to home) with a sketchbook and an eye for possibilities have trained me to look, to capture life quickly and to treasure the details that make life interesting. I do all kinds of art-related work, including teaching and leading arts tours to Paris, but at the core of my art life is my affinity for a quick spontaneous line and an interesting composition.

Lines and Places is a series of drawings that I sell as small prints. Each has its own story: a day, a meeting, a friend, an experience, something newly learned, a memorable meal, etc. Each one of them has its own sound track and memory of smell, temperature and weather. I’ve lived in England and France, in New York and Northern California, and have traveled extensively, almost always with a sketchbook in my hand and my eye alert for a good subject. I especially like slightly offbeat moments – the subjects that are hiding in plain sight right next to the big important landmarks.

By contrast, my Philadelphia series is a celebration of landmarks – the Famous Sites and Favorite Places of my beloved adopted city. Like my Lines and Places scenes, the Philadelphia series begins with drawings done on-site in my sketchbooks, and then scanned and ‘painted’ with digital color.”