Local Color: Cut Paper Collages @ Crane Hall

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, August 27, 2016

InLiquid presents Local Color: Cut Paper Collages, which is a solo exhibition in The Hall of the Crane Arts building by InLiquid artist member Joseph Opshinsky. Finding its roots in the natural world of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Opshinsky’s work often grows out of nature’s reclaiming localized scenery or the contemplation of time’s natural wear on man’s additions to the landscape. His images reveal and provide careful consideration of moments, spaces, and landscapes which often get ignored. Opshinsky’s use of bold color, the meticulous process of hand cutting and layering paper, and specific imagery evokes a sense of wonder while offering visions of beauty in places people don’t always seek it.

Opshinsky creates murals, paintings, drawings, and, more recently, paper collages inspired by localized scenery and the often overlooked landscape. He studied painting and drawing at University of the Arts, where he earned his BFA after completing an AFA in Fine Arts at Keystone College in LaPlume, Pennsylvania. Opshinsky has had several solo exhibitions recently, participated in many juried shows – especially in the last three years, and has received various awards and honors, including the Alumni Studio Spotlight through University of the Arts. Due to the localized nature of his work, Opshinsky has seen much success in exhibiting his artwork throughout the MidAtlantic region, especially – of course – in Pennsylvania. He currently lives and works in Scranton, PA.