Lynn Dunham and Dolores Poacelli

Lynn Dunham and Dolores Poacelli

Exhibition on view until: Monday, July 13, 2020

Lynn Dunham (edited) Biography
is an interdisciplinary artist; she paints and sculpts, and currently digital art/pigment prints are her focus. Dunham’s practice is informed by her past experience as a graphic designer where she interpreted concepts and simplified ideas into symbols, and as a floral designer employing basic principles of dimensional form and space, proportions, and color relationships. The common thread running through her various disciplines is the influence of her Friends’ education. At the core of her thoughts is a preoccupation with light, community, acceptance, dynamism of communication, and symbiotic relationships.

When painting, Dunham thinks like a sculptor handling materials and manipulating elements manually; her preference is to pour and slather in direct contact without brushes. She builds up and takes away and uses materials such as wires and threads to draw with three dimensionally and choose to repurpose materials. Paintings begin on canvas but transform into objects between two and three dimensionality.


Dolore Poacelli Artist Statement
(I always say) are never easy:
especially those between
color, shape, texture, space . . .
and tension.
The relationship of the part to the part,
the part to the whole and the relationship
of the piece to the viewer . . . no matter
what materials I use is all important.
I use titles to emotionalize these abstract
pieces to help communicate a connection
between the individual and
the universal whole.

In the metal pieces I use recycled aluminum
printing press plates which I sand,
cut and glue onto wood panels, they are
about energy and light, patterns and
motion, all influenced by the microcosm
of life forms, biology, and a
hint of satire.