Marc Salz - Pathways, pencil/watercolor, 2015, 13.5" x 12", $500

Marc Salz

Exhibition on view until: Sunday, April 23, 2017

InLiquid is proud to present an exhibition of works by Marc Salz at Rittenhouse 1715, A Boutique Hotel. Salz’s new pencil and watercolor drawings allude to forces in nature: wind, fires and stars. Each drawing shows the gradual, fractal dividing of large forms into smaller and even smaller ones. His shaped paintings are restless rectangles with their sections protruding in all directions like arms or branches. They suggest the mazes of video games, where the eye jumps from one corner to the other.

Salz was born in New York but has lived and painted in Philadelphia for the past forty years. His work has been in numerous solo and group shows in Philadelphia, including Dolan Maxwell and The More Gallery, and has been shown and is in collections in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, New Mexico and the U.K.