McHarg, Oliva, and Opshinsky

McHarg, Oliva, and Opshinsky

Exhibition on view until: Thursday, December 9, 2021

The works of Carol McHarg, Daniel Oliva, and Joseph Opshinsky provide a uniquely paralleled exploration of subject matter and style. Their individual yet connective themes meet at the intersection of industry and nature – where man-made materials question, oppose, and/or connect with their natural environment.

Opshinsky’s nature-inspired works demonstrate the beauty of forgotten places reclaimed by the powerful forces of nature. Oliva’s initially-perceived playful environments opens the conversation to social and economic inequalities by looking at planned structures and social systems. McHarg’s work, inspired by her previous profession as a landscape designer, complements both artists’ subject matter by addressing the impact of humans on the natural environment. These three included artists all challenge the longevity and ethicacy of what we build and where.

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