Exhibition closed: March 2, 2020

Chris Paxson was born in Atlantic City, graduated from Stockton State College, and lives with his wife and daughter in Absecon. After school he entered the commercial art/display industry, founding Coastline Creations and specializing in the design and fabrication of three-dimensional pieces such as sculptures, props, and exterior art. In the last several years, he has begun sculpting on his own, drawing inspiration from nature, tribal art, and the Jersey Shore.

For the last 25 years Chris has made his living as a commercial artist. When you make your living bringing other people’s visions to life, it’s easy to forget the joy that comes in taking a risk, in creating something purely for yourself. These sculptures are a return to why he got into art in the first place.

Nature is a big influence for Paxson. He lives near the ocean, and tries to create the freedom and fluidity of movement that’s everywhere around us. His sculptures are all based on natural forms, but each is abstract, and comes from the idea that nature is a reassuring constant in a world that can be very technically complex. Chris also finds a lot of inspiration in myth, urban graffiti, and the lines in his daughter’s drawings.

Chris Paxson doesn’t always know what the finished piece will look like, before he begins. He has a pretty good idea about where he wants to go, but the best part of creating something is when you find it taking you in a direction you didn’t think of – when the piece takes on a life of its own, and shows you something you’ve never seen.