Muslin and Pieri

Muslin and Pieri

Exhibition on view until: Sunday, March 14, 2021

Lee Muslin Artist Statement:

Guided by intuition, I strive to produce work that is a compelling visual experience in my abstract, acrylic paintings. I create a complex surface using many techniques that may include mark marking, collaging, stamping, and stenciling. Much is improvised as the artwork develops. A back-and-forth between spontaneity and intention characterizes my approach. Painting in the moment, I yield to the process to unearth the painting’s potential. Then I step back to evaluate the formal concerns of line, color, shape and balance to influence my next move. This visual dance creates many layers of paint over line and texture leaving intriguing traces of what came before.

Diane Pieri Artist Statement:

I consider myself a Symbolic Abstractionist, incorporating meaningful symbols into fields of abstraction. The paintings shown here began with the idea of flotillas-naval ships moving in formations. I wanted to take this concept, one historically used for war like maneuvers, and switch it into a realm of beauty. Thus the big floating floral and foliage images are flotillas in a world where war is not an option. This is overlaid with the belief in the abstract expressionist concept of over-all composition as I create mini flotilla formations in the hundreds of tiny collaged decorative papers and painted configurations hovering around, near and with the large flotillas. Each area becomes a symbolic microcosm many times hovering at the edge leaving the center open. The openness is symbolic of air, breath, breathing itself. The touch of an artist, the weight of the hand, is considered. I want my work to feel light to the touch, yet lingering. My overarching desire is to make art that beautifies life’s experiences.

Gold leaf is an important tool of mine because it portrays a timeless and universal elegance. I use Gampi paper because of its limpness and color, Chiyogami papers for their decorativeness. Previous work, over a period of 12 years, has been done on papyrus, Abaca, linen, flax, Cave papers, Mexican Bark papers and Indian Lokta. I choose papers that bring with them an ethnic collaboration. Aesthetically my work is a weave of Japan, India and Tibet, cultures wealthy in meaning, symbol, color and purposeful design and whose need for beauty in everyday life is uncompromised.

Exhibition Documentation

Lee Muslin and Diane Pieri, Selected Works

Feature image: New Universe, Lee Muslin (left); Dusk 2, Diane Pieri (right)