Exhibition on view until: Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Visually layered, the artworks of Bradford White Fiske are beautiful and ephemeral. His practice is deeply process oriented. Building and planning aren’t foreign to Fiske: with a background in architecture, Fiske appears to pull from not only structural linework, but also industrial materials such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, and potassium dichromate. In reference to Fiske’s own work, he states:

“My paintings are responses to context, but the environments to which they respond (the paper, canvas, wood, or metal) change with each additional application of material or movement. I often define edges to not only contain the work but also to provide a juxtaposition between rigidity (reality) and change (everything else).”

There are narratives in Fiske’s work that extend far beyond the paintings in the gallery. Dependent on light, the metallic materials shift with the elements, sparking curiosity and conversation not only with Fiske, but also the viewers of his enchanting artwork. Bringing his artwork into the Archer Law space is especially powerful, as he himself was involved in the design process of the very building.