Once Home

Once Home

Exhibition on view until: Saturday, October 3, 2020

Once Home is a two-person photography exhibition highlighting personal narrative as a tool of empowerment in a time of change. In the rapidly gentrifying areas of Philadelphia, the narrative of the neighborhood is often one of discovery, rather than an acknowledgment of the life and history of a place that has existed for generations. Once Home offers an intimate look at the often unseen histories, from two artists thoroughly embedded in the affected communities. Learn more about the exhibition and artists here.

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Exhibition Images

Howard Traivers

Selected Works from Once Home and Desolation Series

Khalif Rivers


An excerpt from Odyssey by Lonnie Graham
So here are two photographers, one dwelling in the decay of what was, and the other prowling the avenues of promise denied. Both of these photographers function within a context of an infrastructure that is failing reinforced with elusive whispers of an ill-conceived prosperity.

If we the viewer finds beauty here did the photographer conceive it? If we find pathos did the image-maker frame that quality into the composition? If we find a basis for political discourse, did the photographer somehow extract these qualities from the twilight and knit them into these images? These outcomes are doubtful. However what moves the viewer to these points of consideration is the simple objective statement of truth, fluent description of objective reality that resonates with the viewer’s own understanding of our own personal experience that we can recognize in this work. We perceive the understanding and manipulation of elements of time, tonality, color, and texture, and composition, presented in such a way as to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. It is at this point we become curious about the photographer’s intent. Now the doors of understanding are open. Communication begins. Discourse is established. Enlightenment is achieved.

Read the exhibition review essay, Odyssey, by Lonnie Graham.